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Afghan World Technologies

Afghan World Technologies works established in 2007 is Kabul Afghanistan based security equipment’s Provider Company dedicated and committed to provide state of art security products and High quality to its valuable clients who are national & international and above all our prestigious armed forces nationwide.
Afghan World Technologies has been ranked in the market at the top most level due to its trouble free & above all economical solutions backed by round the clock After Sales Services because and believe on serving its clients rather than just selling.
Project Management
Afghan World Technologies have developed a fully detailed project management programmer which takes care of the many details of the project. This means that you can enjoy the efficient installation of your security system - on time, on budget and to specification with the minimal disruption to your business. To ensure your installation runs smoothly, your project shall be handled by a dedicated security solutions Project manager. Acting as a single point of contact, your project manager will liaise with you or your client and their project team.
Technology enhances many aspects of our operational effectiveness and is a key driver in the security management industry. We consistently use technology to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our security equipment’s and to deliver complete solutions which address our clients inherent security needs and vulnerabilities.
Every process we employ is designed to support our Quality Policy Statement and reinforce the service values
By which we conduct our business
• We listen, plan, and then act and implement.
• We make customer satisfaction the cornerstone of our business.
•Yours sincerely
Afghan World Technologies icommitted to delivering
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Product Supply - Systems & Solutions & Service & Maintenance” Protectinyou’re World Against
FireArsonCriminal Damage, SabotageTerrorist StrikeEspionageIntrusionVandalism, Theft, FraudAccident,
IndustriaComplexesGovernmenEstablishments, UtilitiesShoppinComplexesBanksAirportsSeaports,
EmbassiesPoweGeneration PlantsCommerciaPremises, OfficBlocksCorporatHeadquartersEstates
•   Accescontrosystems & equipment;
•   Anti-ram roablockeranbarriers;
•   Asset tagginsystems & equipment;
•   Biometrifingerprint & faciarecognitiosystems & equipment;
•   Blascontainmensystems;
•   Bomb blaswindow film;
•   ClosecircuiTsystems & equipment;
•   Control & Commansystems;
•   CoverTrackinsystems;
•   Emergenclightinsystems & equipment;
•   Entrcontrobarriers & electrigate systems & equipment;
•   Entrcontrosystems & equipment;
•   Explosive & ordinancdetectiosystems anequipment;
•   Firalarequipment & suppressiosystems;
•   Floodetectiosystems;
•   Fbomjammers;
•   GSinterceptiosystems;
•   Identificatiosystems & equipment;
•   Integrated security systems & equipment;
•   Intrudedetectiosystems & equipment;
•   K9 DugsExplosive & detectiodogs;
•   Lonworker monitorinsystems & equipment;
•   Nighvisiogoggles;
•   Nurse call & wardecalsystems & equipment;
•   Paniroodesiganimplementation;
•   Perimeter & border protectiosystems & equipment;
•   Personaprotection systems anequipment
•   Pipelinprotectioanleadetection;
•   Publiaddressystems & equipment
•   Radaansonadetectiosystems;
•   Radiationannarcoticdetectiosystems;
•   Safety systems & equipment;
•   SolaLightinSolutions;
•   Sonaand Diver Detection;
•   Specialisdetectiosystems & equipment;
•   System integration;
•   Thermaimagincameras;
•   Time & attendancsystems;
•   Vehiclnumbeplate recognitiosystems & equipment;
•   X-Ray BaggagScreeninsystems;
•   X-Ray Cargo & VehiclScreeninsystems.
•   ClosProtectioOfficeTraining
•   ClosProtectioProvisiofoVIP’s.


 Mohammad Asif


CEO Message: We are Providing Premium Security Products with High Performance, Latest Trends and High Stability to create new social values of Safety and Reliability. We will continue to work for customers trust and deliver them solutions not just products.